social networks

blue idea's net social media network my new social media platform
blue idea's net message board my new message board
facebook facebook is by far the most popular social network online.With facebook you can make friends ,stay informed when they post a message or a photograph,make your own posts,start conversation with others and many more

instagram instagram is a social network with which you can post photographs and messages,make friends so that you can see their posts and photographs and many more

google + many people are using google + with which you can share pictures start conversations and more
twitter with twitter you can follow other people so that you will stay informed when they post a new message or a new photograph also you can start conversations
pinterest you can share creative ideas with many people here
vk with vk you can find people you used to know and share pictures and messages
flickr with flickr you can upload,edit,organize and share your images
meetup meetup is a social network with which you can find friends who live closed to you and be organized to the same groups